winning a chess match by seducing the queen, poisoning her, stealing the throne for myself, and then abolishing the monarchy altogether, thus eliminating the enemy king

first person chess game, where you can only see what the king piece can see

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okay, I'm into this now. you give orders by typing into a free text box, kinda like Facade. The game will do its best to interpret this and carry out your orders. if you ask for an illegal move, the piece will do it to the best of its ability.

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you can click on the screen and refer to them with "you there", say things like "the first pawn on the left, move forward", and the like

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you never get any feedback from your army, because they're terrified of you. they simply try to carry out your orders so they don't get beheaded

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you can ask questions about the state of your army, but only of pieces you can see, and they A) can't see much either and B) can and will lie to you

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I wanna call it "As You Wish, Sire", because that's usually all the feedback you get after issuing a command

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Grace finish one video game before you want to make another one challenge

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it pretty faithfully implements the rules of chess, except for:

you can order your own men executed
your pieces can capture each other ("capture the knight" might not go the way you want)

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the AI has the same kind of restrictions. the difficulty settings are "to what extent will your pieces execute the letter of your command, but not your actions" and "how much extra info does the AI have, where the highest difficulty gives their king a drone and a birds-eye view of the field"

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now to confront the two biggest issues: i'm terrible at chess and very rarely finish projects

oh, one more difficulty slider: do your pieces actually tell you what they're doing, and, if so, can they lie to you

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normally, even if you give an incoherent or illegal move, your piece will say "Okay, I'm moving to square whatever". but on higher difficulties, they might just say "As you wish, sire." or, like, lie to you to make you happy. like if you tell a bishop to move off the board, they'll just be like "as you wish, sire. Moving to j9."

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sometimes, they'll do this when you can see them. if you notice, you can behead them, which will scare everyone else into compliance for a while.

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@monorail if you're playing online, sometimes you'll just get dark souls-style invading pieces from other games

@BestGirlGrace can you order a piece to be beheaded if you can't see them but suspect they've done something wrong

@monorail you can behead a piece at any time for any reason, even if it's not your turn. maybe you misspelled "bishop" in such a way that the game thinks you meant "behead" and, whoop, there they go

@monorail you can try! depending on the difficulty level, this will either cause one of your pieces to do their best to capture the enemy king, within the rules, or they'll behead you instead

@BestGirlGrace @monorail setting the game up in a certain way so that both kings and queens get beheaded on the same turn, unlocking a secret ending where monarchy is abolished and the remaining pieces start an anarchist society free from tyrannical rule

@BestGirlGrace @monorail if you choose to rule by fear you face a risk of a coup, compounding over time

This is just turning into Crusader Kings isn't it

@robotcarsley @monorail especially if you order executions for pieces that haven't done anything wrong, they'll start to distrust you, becoming more likely to not abide by the spirit of your orders and trying to hide from you

@BestGirlGrace @monorail also I recommend not taking it in a horny direction, otherwise you end up at History of the World Part One

@monorail @BestGirlGrace
But if you order an offscreen piece to be beheaded, how do you know it was really done or the offender was just whisked away? Those traitors are all colluding against the crown!
There could be 1-2 pieces (the Knights maybe? or random backrow pieces that are different every game?) that are loyal to the crown and can be trusted to enforce order around them, or relay accurate reports from their area, partially for gameplay, and partially cause losing them will hurt more

@a_breakin_glass bad news, sire, you've been deposed and the pawns have formed a worker's council.

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