sure, everyone's all excited about the xbox, but when I try to market my sex box, everyone's like "grace, how did you even package sex in a box", "that doesn't sound sanitary" and "is this a catgirl joke"

@BestGirlGrace i'm just confused about whether i should get the Sex Box, Sex Box 360, Sex Box 360 Arcade, Sex Box 360 Core, Sex Box 360 Elite, Sex Box 360 S, Sex Box One, Sex Box One Series S, or Sex Box One Series X

also what's the deal with the Erect motion controllers

@vyr well, you see, the sex box series s is basically identical on the inside to the sex box x, but doesn't offer the sex box x extras, so-

re: grs 

@vyr @BestGirlGrace oh god this is exactly how shopping for grs surgeons felt

re: grs 

@AndiBumble @BestGirlGrace hahaha mood

it'd have been so much easier if i could have tried out somebody's Sex Box, at a friend's house or at the Microsoft Store, but noooo

re: grs 

@vyr @AndiBumble Yeah, you know their return policy is a pain in the ass.

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