doing the geometry for the text boxes was kind fun, but the hard part is gonna be finding a font that's both free and doesn't look like ass

the hardest part of this to make so far? Centering Diamond's name in that little box.

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getting all the interesting technical challenges out of the way so I have more time to fuck around with shit like "choosing an aspect ratio"

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i'd be done a lot faster if I could get rid of the part of my brain that keeps saying "more like ass-pect ratio. got 'em"

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me as a kid: i'm gonna be an astronaut or something when I grow up

me as an adult: which kind of rectangle is best. is it slightly wide or very wide

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pros of 4:3: basically a square, remember standard def television, text might be easier to read

pros of 16:9: widescreen is cool, fullscreens better on modern monitors, there's a "69" in there

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i must be on the right track because this picture of Bird Call has extreme "Ace Attorney character before they realize they're the one on trial here" energy

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These screenshots make Bird Call look like more of a dumbass than she is, but she's currently trapped in the computer, unable to wreak revenge.

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hyphenation is one of those "if you do it right, nobody will notice, but if you do it wrong, everybody will" things.

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*opens canvas*

I've always wanted to make videod games but I didn't think itd happen like this

@fluxom_alt you know, if this project winds up having legs, i'll have to hire *someone* to draw sprites and backgrounds

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt We did literally just find out that you can make real pretty sprites with the lineless style.

@BestGirlGrace does it make the joke ten times in a row even after it stops being funny? because mine did

@fluxom_alt Oh, absolutely. At some point, it just becomes the way I say the word.

@BestGirlGrace i love what you're doing here but I do need to tell you: this post is best without context

@LilyVers yeah, i'm kinda glad for all the people not reading the rest of the thread and just enjoying this post on its own

Me: I need to make the game and worry about these details later.
Also me: What if someone is using a vertical monitor??

@diffractie "Ah, shit, what do I do if someone's monitor isn't exactly 16:9. I gotta figure out how to center the screen and draw stuff in the margins so it looks okay."

@BestGirlGrace pros of 420:69: basically unreadable, requires like three monitors or one very expensive one, but, *nice*

@LilyVers @BestGirlGrace if my math is right, it'd probably look something like...this? on a single monitor:

@starless @BestGirlGrace laughing to myself and thinking of this guy who shows up at 0:13 (also if you haven't seen this series of commercials before, watch them, it's a trip)

@LilyVers @BestGirlGrace ruining other people's lives by the very concept of length

@starless @LilyVers @BestGirlGrace i did some mathing, and this actually reduces to 6:1 with a very small error, just about 1.5%
@LilyVers @starless @BestGirlGrace .... yes, that would be a much easier way to arrive at the same result😓😓😓😓

@LilyVers @BestGirlGrace See, now, this is why you deserve to be head of product development with Iiyama.

@BestGirlGrace now I'm thinking about what kind of game would work well in this format

@BestGirlGrace Do you want me to refer you to people who can help you with that? (I know the team behind the upcoming V3)

@Canageek this is mostly a joke (hyphenation is a known Hard Problem), but, you know, the LaTeX folks are cool regardless of whether I need their hyphenation opinions.

@BestGirlGrace The TeX stack exchange community has them all. People who have found bugs in Knuth's code, people writing LaTeX3, people who ran LaTeX in their printer as the printer has a more powerful... also super friendly, they pride themselves on being the most friendly stack exchange

Stack Exchange has fallen, tangent 

@Canageek @BestGirlGrace so the big TL;DR is that Stack Exchange has gone full bad forprofit on us, no longer caring about doing right by the (volunteer) moderators or the community at large

Stack Exchange has fallen, tangent 

@Canageek @BestGirlGrace the extremely long journey of reading can start with the links at

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@BestGirlGrace i think a fairly standard practice for a while was just to have a dictionary of words with predefined acceptable hyphenation points in them

@BestGirlGrace TGS hyphenation where you can hyphenate a word at any point but you have to pronounce it as written


@BestGirlGrace It's OK, if the hyphens are wrong, just say it's for poetic affect.

@bootie_fringe in that you defend a bird in court, yes
the engine is open source, the VN is going to at least be pay what you want

> the VN is going to at least be pay what you want

I am interested in free as in licensing, not free as in not paying … would a customer get the source code under a free software license?

@bootie_fringe The source code is on my github and licensed under the GPL right now, yes

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