being macro (expanding in-place without evaluating my arguments)

thinking about doing a tailswish and generating a cooling breeze across a whole city block

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hypnokink and skunk musk stuff 

big modemoiselle with a hoop skirt that can cover a few buildings and just totally hotbox an area with hypnospray

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also, if you're a big supervillain, you can just fucking leave with the bank

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vore, I guess 

dangling people over my mouth while I monologue at them

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big supervillain, regular-sized henchmaids

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@BestGirlGrace Ah, so Overlord, except everyone's queer and therefore hot.

@Balina I'm more imagining murdermaids ziplining or parachuting off me, but yeah, it's a start.

@BestGirlGrace Acting as a carrier or a launch platform is in fact one of my elemental weaknesses, though I have to admit that didn't even occur to me in this particular context until now. Thank you for being an extra set of eyes. :heart_cyber:

@Balina Happy to help, dear. Us big gay criminals gotta watch out for each other. <3

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