thinking about the guy I knew in school who would listen to the demo for satellite radio in his car. it'd play the same dozen or so songs over and over interspersed with ads for the service. he liked it like that, that was all the music he needed


this dude was cryptid levels of normal. he was on his sixth rewatch of Friends. he never held an opinion or interest outside the norm. his big goal in life was to have the same job his older brother had. his older brother, no bullshit, looked exactly like him, but bigger and with sunglasses and a hat

I called him the normiest normal to ever norm to several people who also knew him, and they all agreed

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on second thought, I gotta pretend like I don't exist outside the norm at work, so who knows. maybe that guy had a rich inner life he didn't want to share with us

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on the other hand, I told my boss I was wearing a "supervillain pride pin" and one time a coworker asked if I'd done E and I said "estrogen?", so the cat's probably at least a little out of the bag

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@triz one of these days, i'm gonna be just like the guy they cloned me from

@socks look, when I'm asked a question I didn't expect, I tend to tell the truth minus whatever seems incriminating

@BestGirlGrace uhhh grace

i strongly suspect your coworkers are doing similar levels of low-key weird, if anybody is asking you about E 👀

@BestGirlGrace though you'd know 'em better than i would. just, maybe an alternate interpretation? ^_^;

@KitRedgrave well, he was asking about the drug, but the guy who asked is one of the few coworkers I've considered coming out to, so who knows.

@BestGirlGrace oh yeah i figured it wasn't the same E you meant, but, y'know, that's already outside the sphere of enforced mundanity :blobcat3c:

... i may be pushing too hard but personally we found that our life improved immensely by taking notice of these things and being more openly weird ourselves.

and we see a past self in your current situation

@KitRedgrave Yeah, it's a whole thing where... I don't like having to put on my normal suit at work, but there's a line to walk because I'm not out at work for safety reasons and I can't talk about being a communist at work because, uh, I can't see that ending well.

@BestGirlGrace i don't think the cis would ever draw a straight line from "supervillain pride" to "trans" fwiw lmao

@triz yeah, the key is that I deliberately left off the word "queer" so I wouldn't out myself at work

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