today in princess grace's life, I remembered that I was in the my little pony fandom for years and there's still chunks of that in my brain


i see you there, brain cell labelled "rainbow dash opinions"

and you, entire lobe labelled "opinions on whether twilight sparkle and sunset shimmer should kiss"

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what is up with the part that apparently remembers the fan names for all these background characters

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@BestGirlGrace i mean it doesn't have to be a big lobe to just say "yes" does it

@BestGirlGrace my mlp opinions were mostly confined to having really strong and complex feelings bout changelings and how good they could have been

nowadays i've shifted that section of brain into making succubus ocs who are friendly and want to be nice to people

@junebug Yeah, fair enough. I wanted to see more with the changelings, too, and not just because of what I now recognize as "shapeshifting bug queen lady hot".


@BestGirlGrace shapeshifters have always appealed to me for like complex emotional reasons, especially when the society they come from could be called "cultish" or "evil", given that i grew up in what amounts to a fucked up cult tbh

it's part of why i love villain redemption, which there were a lot of fanfics of dflhsdfkhlfsd

....which uh, ignores. my young gay mind that had in fact fixated on shapeshifting bug queen lady yes same


@junebug I mean, why do you think I went by Sunset Shimmer for several years before going by Grace? She got a redemption arc and everything! Also, you know, she's hot and I wanted her to kiss Twilight.


@BestGirlGrace i love her so much... u made a good choice

oh fuck fdhkslfdhs there's also like. the fact that...

so i grew up super conservative christian, but had 1 online forum i would hang out on

and a few of my friends on that forum started watching mlp and i wanted to be included, so i wanted to join them

and they place the organized pony nights was... the lgbt thread on the site, since a lot of them were queer

which i then started browsing in order to do so


@BestGirlGrace and that was the first place i ever hung out with queer people! so technically mlp is sorta the reason i'm now a queer trans slut dfkalshdfaslkdf


@junebug I tell this story a lot, but there's a line in my life that looks like

Friend gets me into MLP -> start horny RPing with someone -> she invites me to a horny IRC chat -> I meet someone else in there -> they live locally and help me realize I'm trans -> I don't know if I'd have figured out I'm trans when I did if it weren't for MLP


@BestGirlGrace ayeeeeee that rules tbh

it took me a fuckin while, there are posts in the lgbt thread on that site of me loudly going HOW CAN I BE A GOOD CIS STRAIGHT ALLY, i am so glad nobody knows my username there haha

but we made it, and that's the coolest shit imaginable


@junebug Hell yeah! Bless you, horses, you helped a lot.

@BestGirlGrace I can only really remember Colgate, Derpy, Octavia, and DJ Pon3

@rockario @BestGirlGrace the first two are actually minuette and bubble wrap

the former presumably because hasbro don't have the rights to toothpaste, the latter because i don't like ableism and so i chose that cute name instead

@00dani @BestGirlGrace Those changes make sense and are good.

I was only in the fandom briefly at the start, so there's a lot that I've only experienced from the periphery.

@Balina There's a lot of "yes" in there, you see. Especially since I have to account for both horse-Twi and nerd-human-Twi.

@BestGirlGrace she's gay and wants to kiss all her friends

also gilda is clearly her ex

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