fuckin' patronymic naming bullshit means I gotta misgender myself to make a joke about being named "Consensual Sexfight"

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wait, shit, I got it

"Please, Mr. Sexfight was my father. Call me Consensual. Or are you gonna learn what happens when you misgender a Sexfight twice?"

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the more I write about this, the more I feel like an Achewood character is trying to escape my head

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gonna be the next johnny cash with my hit single, "A Girl Named Consensual Sexfight"

*Cake performing Federal Funding voice*
We can have Consensual Sexfights
You can get a bloody nose

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@BestGirlGrace "A Girl Who Demands Her Phone Be Nearby During a Consensual Sexfight (So She Can Post)"

@rockario "A Girl Who Can And Will Win A Consensual Sexfight While Posting (The Sha Na Na Song)"

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