heist movie but it's about tricking the faerie court


@myconidiosyncrasy *looking at a blueprint that's really more of a magicked oil painting* alright, we got the band together for one last job: we're gonna steal the queen of the winter court's icy heart

@monorail @myconidiosyncrasy that's a good start, but we should probably find some cold iron, just to be sure

@BestGirlGrace @myconidiosyncrasy I was so disappointed when I looked it up and found out that cold iron is an archaic term for..... iron

@monorail @myconidiosyncrasy I've heard some folks say "cold iron is iron made without modern manufacturing" or whatever, but i'm starting to think they made that up for the World of Darkness fae splatbook

@BestGirlGrace @monorail @myconidiosyncrasy tbh I'm reasonably confident that the "cold" adjective was descriptive flavor because iron tends to feel kinda cold to the touch, like "and he was laid down on the cold stone," not because it's a special kind of stone, but because it's literally stone that is cold

forgot who started the "cold iron is special iron" thing, I remember looking into it but forgot what I found

iron isn't all that boring of a weakness though when compared to table salt

@alexis @BestGirlGrace @monorail @myconidiosyncrasy haven't heard of her till now but whew she wrote a bunch of stuff

I remember dresden files coming up in the looking into it I did that one time, but I forgot if that was an early example or a counter-example

in looking that up, found where I saw it: rpg.stackexchange.com/question

@monorail @BestGirlGrace So I know someone who's a fairy made of iron and professes to have no idea how she carries on as well as she does. Does feel other magic creatures shy away from her, though.

This is #2 on my list of 'character concepts I'm not sure anyone could ever do enough with'.

@BestGirlGrace @myconidiosyncrasy have you read the story where the woman gets her baby back from a faerie by abusing the way something was worded and saying "no, i'm not picking one over the other, one of these is my biological child and the other is a changeling that i'm adopting"

and she's not sure whether she actually got one past the fae or if they were just impressed by her wit

@BestGirlGrace i fuckin love it when you fave my like "silly ideas" posts because i *know* it's t-minus 2 minutes til you reply some absolutely on point narrative extrapolation of my original idea

1. tristan, this is an extremely good idea, like you usually have

2. when they're doing the prep montage, one of the things they revisit a couple times to show progress is practicing shit like

"May I have your name?"
"No, you may not. If you must address me, you may call me-"

@myconidiosyncrasy there's an inkling of an idea in there about worrying less about the practicality of the heist and just making it as bombastic as possible, because if it's fun enough, the faeries will let you take whatever

@BestGirlGrace "ummm shouldn't we be focusing more on memorizing the floorplans and less on our bedazzled costumes??"
"lol u have no idea how this works do you"

@myconidiosyncrasy "Look, the blueprint was outdated before we got it. The It's only there as a visual aid to establish the sort of genre we're operating in. The floor plan will shift to whatever makes for the best story." The leader says, tying a few extra ribbons around the naysayer. "Which means we have to be the most interesting things there."

@BestGirlGrace "oh...... you mean there's not going to be a 20 foot statue/fountain made entirely of sparkly tits?"
"no yeah that will be there actually. that and the hideous chandelier in the entry hall are weird universal constants they can't figure out how to get rid of"

@myconidiosyncrasy "So, yeah, good point. Know the invariants and anchor points, and use the rest to your advantage."

Also: watching a lot of other heist movies, pausing, and pointing out tropes you can use to your advantage

@BestGirlGrace @myconidiosyncrasy the fact that Freezie has a multi paragraph biography shows just how rich the Guild Wars canon is

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