this is becoming less and less a joke every time I read it

tired: getting up early for work
wired: getting up early to dress up for me and me alone

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this is really just a riff on "what if I went to work in supervillain garb to come out and also show everyone who's boss", except much easier and it only makes me feel better

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getting a whip for Franziska to stroke menacingly when people who can't see me try to waste my time

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@BestGirlGrace I did my nails and lipstick today for a reason

@BestGirlGrace I mean, if anyone questions you *too* much you can insist it's an experimental Instagram filter you're still figuring out how to turn off, so, yeah.

@Austin_Dern *unexpectedly on the conference call video chat* weird, must be a problem on your end, I look fine to me

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