shout out to the audubon petition website that's the only one I've seen that has a free text entry box for your name prefix (but it's a required field, which is weird)

I put in Mx. just to try it out.

@skelltan I was thinking "virus", yeah, but also 'vixen', 'vim user', and 'villain'

@BestGirlGrace are we using kingdom hearts rules for x in a name

@ben well, it can stand for a lot of things, so we gotta leave the second letter unspecified

@ben @BestGirlGrace jokes on you my nobody name is the same as my real name cause I'm already a nobody

@heartles @wintgenstein I stared with "Virus", but I've since kinda rolled "vixen" and "villain" into it.

@wintgenstein @heartles it looks nicer than it is, tbh. Just gotta keep up the supervillain aesthetic.

@BestGirlGrace oh if thats open for theft then hell yeah I'm gonna be Vx. Stardust

@BestGirlGrace My criminal side says yes, but that criminal side was creating from corruptive exposure to you so I think everything I do is corruption kink on some level

@fluxom_alt "Vx." can stand for villain as well as virus, so really, it'd be weird not to steal it.

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt
V = Villain
Vs = Villainess
Vx = Villainex
Ho = Hero
Hm = Henchman
Hw = Henchhwoman
He = Hench

@rockario @fluxom_alt "Villainex" is either really good or some kind of crime-aiding prescription medication, so I'm not sure whether or not I like it.

@rockario @BestGirlGrace wait would Hx. be pronounced like Hex and be an honorific for witches

@fluxom_alt @rockario @BestGirlGrace Borrowing this for my alt (hex w. d'arcy) because intentional redundancy is hilarious

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