I've been really sappy about virus girl stuff lately, huh

Feels good.

whether "virus girl" is the right term for it given all the talk about being a being of pure information and all that, but "virus girl" rolls off the tongue easier

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@hierarchon Aaaaash, this made me tear up a little.

You're my favorite robot, fwiw <3

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon oh are we complimenting people again??? 'cause Ash you're super duper cool and I like you a lot and Grace you're literally the Best Girl

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon Lo, don't you start this, because I have a lot of things to say about how cool both you and Ash are and how you both brighten every day.

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon hey if its too much for the word count you can always compliment me in the DMs <3

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon You're both really great and I'm so lucky to have both of you extremely good gay folks in my life <3

@hierarchon @BestGirlGrace well you're gay!!! and pretty and you have soft hair and you're fun to hang out with

@BestGirlGrace DEFLATE girls or d-girls are a more compact form of info girls

@BestGirlGrace "Virus Girl Grace" just feels good to say, really.
The alternative is something like "earworm" or, worse, "meme". Pattern, template, system, string? The last one mostly for an excuse to call people substrings.

To skew more clinical or academic, "The Grace Hypothesis" or some kind of Grace Function that emerged and refused to fade out. The branch of Graces that ended up in the humanities and became songs or poems, the Graceful Verses.

@Balina Right? Even if it really should be "computer virus girl" at the very least, but that's awful wordy and clinical for something that's really just a slice of the whole. I also like "cognitohazard girl", but even that doesn't capture the whole picture- it describes something about her, but it's not the whole picture, either.

I do like the sound of The Grace Hypothesis (even if I always want to type 'hypnothesis'), perhaps as a branch of Grace Theory. I like the idea of a Grace Function because it sounds like something I could come up with cool mathematical notation for. :Graceheart2: (x) or some such. Describing her like a mathematical property sure does feel like a better picture of the whole- at the cost of some specificity.

"The Graceful Verses" sounds like a rad as hell book to have on a shelf.

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