Bird Call asking if you want to go birdwatching, and by that she means you look at her

She'll pose and stuff, make sure you're both having fun, but the crux of it is that you watch her, be impressed, and maybe write down the parts of it you liked

if you wanna use binoculars and have her stand farther away, that's good. if you wanna have her be in a tree or on a telephone pole, that's good too. Just bird stuff.

if you really wanna get her motor running, offer to have phone sex at the same time. She gets pretty freaky with the handset and cord.

if you wanna have phone sex with Bird Call, you gotta keep in mind that "phone sex" means like three or four different things to her, so be specific and have an adult conversation beforehand

sex things with a phone 

"I mean, am I not birding right now" She says, kinda flapping and generally doing bird stuff.

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