@BestGirlGrace Hey, lemme do a reading for you, tell us the sort-sign you were born under.

@violet I dunno, but I have always felt a certain attraction to the non-key comparison sorts, like radix sort

@BestGirlGrace You are a bird furry.

You have pigeonholes, and that's incredible in itself, and your pigeonholes, they're super fast.

Application to large domains can be intimidating(as well it should be), because you prefer to have a map rather than landmarks, and sometimes that map can be unwieldy, or otherwise untenable.

Non-metric domains are probably a place to avoid.

Your lucky numbers are 1(55) 12(17) and 5(33).

@violet Don't tell me if a crow can fit into a pigeonhole, I'll figure it out. I know what I'm good at and do it better than anyone else. Also, flapflap.

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