@BestGirlGrace Facing off with your nemesis, writing the words that spell their doom.
They manage to smash your AlphaSmart and start gloating that you are defeated.

But what's this? You have a back up!

@rockario "Impressive, given that these things were designed to be used by elementary schoolers. But can you write a sequel?"

@BestGirlGrace I used this kind of alpha smart! the screen unfortunately is barely readable for me

@QuakerWanker Yeah, that's probably the biggest weakness of the design. Tiny font and making it bigger means you can see even less at once.

@BestGirlGrace honestly I could probably build an improved version E-ink isn't that pricey and the freewrite is fairly overpriced

@QuakerWanker as I understand it, the folks who own the e-ink patents charge a bundle to use them, which drives prices way up

it's a shame, I'd really like a e-ink AlphaSmart type thing

@BestGirlGrace hmmm a good sized e-ink display is at most 80 bucks...

@QuakerWanker That's not too bad for what will certainly be the most expensive part of the machine.

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