anyone out there wanna solve this video game puzzle with me

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@BestGirlGrace you have to hold hands while you go to complete the circuit

@Thomas @BestGirlGrace you must pee in the middle one, then the one on the right, before finally peeing where everyone in the hand washing area can see your penis

@Thomas you can let go when the little tone plays and a secret door opens

@BestGirlGrace Try rotating the one on the left and see how the other two respond. Are there clues in your environment as to how they need to be oriented to unlock the rest of the dungeon?

@BestGirlGrace drink a gallon of fluid, equip the pressure nozzle, then piss as hard as possible in the right most urinal at a 45 degree angle. the stream should bounce from one urinal to the next. keep going until you hear the secret collect noise.

if you did it right, a portal will open in the center of the room

@BestGirlGrace One stall always lies.

One stall always tells the truth.

The final stall is more meh than anything, and is rather uncomfortable being there...

@BestGirlGrace Somebody didn't hire an architect and instead had somebody else who went, "I've seen some occasional diagrams before, let me try this, it'll save us a lot of money..."


Looks like you are standing in the fourth one. Turn 180degrees, click on the handle and you get wet feet. Walk 10meter backward to see your own footsteps. Wait 5minutes til the moist evaporates and than take a big whiff.

At that moment you realise you on a toilet.

pic: virtual pee 

@BestGirlGrace I really thought this was a screenshot from The Tea Room for a moment

I mean [pic] is pretty close tbh

(And if you want meticulously crafted cramped urinals and interesting article/videogame on accompanying queer history, Robert Yang 100% has you covered )

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