Q: Grace, what's the most cursed board game you have?
prompts the most immediate, visceral response? funko pop golden girls
has actually harmed the most people? "rich dad" robert kiyosaki's monopoly-but-much-worse Cashflow
worst politics? either 24: The DVD Board Game or Homeland
actually kinda charming? AtmosFEAR


vague, threatening energy: Fail to Grow, a board game made only for internal Microsoft employees, that is impossible to search for, and that I have only seen one other copy of (but is... decently fun to play)

pervert award: Willie Maykit, a game where players are each alternate universe versions of Willie Maykit, a man who has just had an extra large ice coffee and is stuck at the mall on Black Friday with his girlfriend, Betty Woent. The only way to win is to screw over the other Willies so you're the last one, uh, not wet. It's... fine, but you can't describe it without sounding like a pervert.

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