watching this new bojack horseman season really just makes me want to fursonapost

I finished the season, and it was good, but I will be showing up at the writer's room with ref sheets and saying things like "Come on, she already has the pun name, what more could you want"

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I think her bit would be that people keep saying stuff like "long distance caw" to or around her and she tells you to get some original material

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I bet they tell all the new writers "if you try to sneak your fursona in there, we'll find out"

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@BestGirlGrace it is a startling furry show that has penetrated normie culture in a way that normie culture will never use that particular word to describe it as.

@violet Oh, of course not.

...would people have fursonas in a world with actual anthropomorphic animals

@BestGirlGrace if that isn't in the newest season, if there's going to be another season, it'll come up eventually.

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