my version of the sitcom episode where someone thinks the straight guy is gay is that everyone is mistaken about my fursona

@BestGirlGrace The Grace twist would be a reveal that you have multiple OCs, and everyone thought a different one was your fursona the whole time.

@rockario The entire time, people are talking about Skunk Grace, Robot Spider Grace, and Crow Grace, and it's a whole kerfuffle that ends in me projecting ref sheets on the wall or some such to clear everything up

@BestGirlGrace The episode ends by clearing up the misunderstanding, but also a joke about "Oh, that's just for starters...*canned laughter*"

Then the next episode cold-opens in the middle of Grace's lecture, with a bunch of posterboard ref-sheets and a riding crop/pointer.

@rockario Keeping folks awake with a generous number of WHACKS against the board and plenty of eye contact. "Now, that finishes the Birds of Prey era. Nothing one would truly call a fursona, but it's crucial background for the history of Mercí City and this crow in particular. Let's take a five minute break and return fresh for the Rise of the Skunk."

@BestGirlGrace This would be a legit good character trait for a sitcom, someone with a deep and fleshed out self-canon. You could keep coming back to it when the writers need everyone to be gathered together for a scene and don't have a good way to start.

@rockario Oh, absolutely. You could use it to bookend whatever the episode was about or play on the central conflict, generate throwaway jokes, or even have the occasional episode about, say, an unscrupulous individual lifting characters from the Grace Wiki and filing the serial numbers off.

Twinning, or maybe just character tf? 

@BestGirlGrace One of the obvious solutions being to find them and put the serial numbers right back on

Twinning, or maybe just character tf? maybe a little dronekink 

@rockario Oh, naturally. Sitting on their desk, tail swishing, wreaking my revenge, and realizing I have one serial number left over and wouldn't you know it? someone right here to stick it on.

Twinning, or maybe just character tf? maybe a little dronekink 

@BestGirlGrace ~ Oh no, I can't think of anyone who could use an official Grace Co serial number. Whatever will you do? ~


Twinning, or maybe just character tf? maybe a little dronekink 

@rockario It'd be a shame to let one go to waste. How about I put it riiiight here for safekeeping.

Twinning, or maybe just character tf? maybe a little dronekink 

@BestGirlGrace "Proud to be an official Grace OC, check out my wiki page. And also my tail *floof floof*"

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