infiltrating emoji vendors one by one to make the female supervillain emoji into Modemoiselle


most of them are already pretty good, except Microsoft, who really dropped the ball on this one.

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the apple and whatsapp ones look like an early Modemoiselle if you add the pink streak

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rating the lady supervillain emojis 

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@fluxom_alt A few little poofs around the top to suggest Grace hair, a little pink streak, maybe cackling and with a parasol open behind her

@BestGirlGrace and the eyepiece!!! with the right kinda smug energy it'd be adorable

@fluxom_alt Aaah, it would be! Shame they stopped doing the blobmojis so long ago that there's no good supervillain one to work off of.

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

@BestGirlGrace OpenMoji's gives me the vibe of the third-tier villain from some deliberately slight episode of Kim Possible. The kind of villain who's hoping to get promoted to the big-villain-leagues, or at least to the AA level, but is stuck fumbling around in the single-A lower-division, trying to scare the summer camp and sorry to be putting everyone to this bother and Ron Possible has some good ideas to help her out.

@Austin_Dern Right? That's clearly the sorriest one of the bunch. She's just a sad lady in a mask and wearing a triangle. She needs someone to take her aside and really talk about her schtick and focus her energy.

@Austin_Dern Microsoft's isn't much better, but at least it paints the image of, like, a helpful clerk at the cape kink store or something who wants to make sure you get the right freeze ray for you.

@BestGirlGrace Yeah, Microsoft's I can also see as being so interested in the gadgeteering that she only pulls capers so as to get some debugging and operations experience. Once she's proven she can turn the Harbor District into marble she stops, and maybe later sends Vigilance Woman a card thanking her for helping her realize the safeties unlocked the wrong direction for left-handed users.

@Austin_Dern @BestGirlGrace That, and... Who knows, maybe the innocent, sweet-looking one is hiding something about herself, albeit in plain sight~

@Frinkeldoodle @Austin_Dern That's the thing! She's different, and that tells a good story. I wanna hear more about her and her quality assurance menacing and see what happens when she puts that hair up.

But she also does the worst job of quickly suggesting "lady supervillain".

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern Yeah... That all being said, I completely agree with your ratings

God if there's one thing facebook has done right, their woman supervillain emoji gives off some absolutely powerful vibes

@Frinkeldoodle @Austin_Dern Seriously, props to them for just going for it. That's a supervillain right there!

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle Yeah, Facebook absolutely got their supervillain right. There's no question who it is shall rule us all.

@Austin_Dern @Frinkeldoodle If emojis were voice acted, she'd absolutely be saying "I'll show them all!" and then thunderclap.

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle A couple transmutation powers and a role as urbanized creature being in but not of the city and there's many great and fun things to do.

@monorail She's cute, she's got a story, and she's got something going on behind the scenes, but she's also the least supervillain.

@BestGirlGrace @monorail she looks like someone dressing as a supervillain for halloween

@BestGirlGrace i dunno, twitter just made a rockstar and while there IS an overlap it is definitely a rockstar

@zoe Absolutely. She looks like she's in charge of some vaguely fashy metal band.

@BestGirlGrace out of curiosity i looked at the 'supervillain' and 'man supervillain' ones too, and shoutout to the samsung joypixels & emojipedia ones for not using the same image for 'supervillain' and one of the two gendered supervillain options

@BestGirlGrace I had no idea 🦹 even existed, it's a wonder they let me attend LOVEMUFFIN events at all

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