this is the furriest avatar I've ever used for anything, which means it's also the funniest with the senator display name

america's first horned skunk senator who was hungry when they took the picture

@BestGirlGrace Official senatorial position: horn good, dumpling tasty, gay very

@fluxom_alt It's the platform the proud people of Skunkansas elected me on, and it's one I'm going to see through.

twinning kink 

twinning kink 

@BestGirlGrace if shadowrun can have a dragon president, i see no reason why grace can’t be a skunk senator

@Sapphicgiraffic @BestGirlGrace back on :birdsite: I followed someone who had "senator" in her handle and people consistently thought she was a senator of east virginia despite her actually doing an activism and therefore definitely not being a senator

@ben @Sapphicgiraffic Someone's gotta do checks and balances. By which I mean tail swatting anyone who wants bad things.

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