ah, time to settle in and enjoy my favorite bizarre c++ memory errors

I know i have a dangling pointer *somewhere* but now I gotta find it and asan just tells me about the segfault I already knew about

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Yep, that was an easy fix.

Would have been easier if I wasn't getting lied to by the debugger, but what're you gonna do

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in conclusion, since I know I have people following me who are curious about software and development: 99 percent of the time, if a problem seems resistant to being solved, there's a good chance you're going about it wrong and the answer is obvious and somewhere else
one percent of the time it's some absolute bullshit, though, but don't decide on that until you've ruled everything else out

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the other lesson from this thread is "you never stop making stupid mistakes, you simply get better at recognizing the ones you've made before"

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