reading about phreakers all trying to make that 2600 Hz tone to mess with the phone line, to the point of collecting birds that could whistle at that exact frequency

it was a choice between skunk and bird once upon a time, and the other Grace is out there right now thinking about Bird Call and turning the idea of a skunk over in her head

Princess Grace: home of two telecommunication-themed supervillains

setting Bird Call in the 80s and 90s because cool phone tricks are somewhat less impressive these days


Bird Call calling someone up to sing hypnotically at them, but kids don't answer the damn phone these days

also, she uses an old telephone handset with the curly cord to beat people up with

and just like that, we have a clear dichotomy: Modemoiselle is the classy lady, Bird Call is the rough and tumble one.


Bird Call smacks the cell phone out of your hand. "The feds can turn that thing into a microphone and tracking collar whenever they want. Stay here and don't look up too much." She kicks off the ground and flaps up to the phone lines. They only bend under her weight a little. She effortlessly patches her handset in and places the call with a few seconds of pitch perfect listening. Someone halfway across the country sees their caller ID light up.


They pick up the phone, press a button, and hang up.

She lands back on the ground. "Two if by sea. Let's go."

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I think she's a crow or a raven so she can be with the FCC (Fucky Corvid Collective)

- very smart birds
- shiny black feathers
- rad
- crime birds

Bird Call has sharp, shiny, copper-tipped feathers, perfect for cutting and splicing cables (and, uh, only cables)

Some beachcomber with a metal detector sweeps up to her and gets the stink eye until they're done

Bird Call joins Bug Report in the elite sorority of "characters just named after the dumbest possible species puns"

it's probably good that the skunk is named after me because otherwise she'd probably be named Stink Bomb or something

the key is to be tough or cool enough that you can fuck up anyone that laughs at your name, Boy Named Sue style.

Johnny Cash could have written a song about a girl named Bug, but I don't think he could have made one about a rad as hell robotic spider girl with fiber optic silk, so who's the smart guy now

actually, that gives me an idea for a sequel song to One Piece At A Time

imagining Bird Call as the kid in Live Free or Die Hard who can access the secret hacker satellite internet with a motorola sidekick

She doesn't use cell phones, of course, but she'll mess with yours if she has to.

Menacingly twirling her indestructible, heavy as hell old phone handset and just bashing someone's teeth out.

can't fly, but very good at using her handset to grapple up things and uses her wings to do things like gain speed or change directions midair. She can climb a telephone pole in like thirty seconds.

Excellent at reproducing tones and frequencies with just her break, still needs some practice mimicking voices.

I blame the black denim jacket for this, it's a bad (?) influence on me.

In conclusion, I think I really talked myself into this bird situation.

so should I @ Iris, or should I just let the bird waves ripple out over the collective unconscious

Sometimes you can't show the corp that owns half the city who's boss by popping a few junction box locks. Sometimes you gotta go deeper. Usually by dressing up like a linesbird with the hard hat, the branded work shirt, some tools, and a clipboard and just kinda walking fast through the hallways like you have somewhere to be.

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@BestGirlGrace i think you're selling yourself on having a birdsona :3

@zoe "Oh, yeah, going in a courthouse or on a plane sucks. I sure hope I never need an MRI."

@BestGirlGrace I didn't think I could be horny for birds.

Then this thread happened.

@BestGirlGrace if ur not named after the worst pun you could possibly have applied to your personal situation what are you even doing with your life

@BestGirlGrace i have the opposite approach. if i tell people my name and i don't get even a single disbelieving laugh something is very wrong and violence might ensue

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@minty_da it may just be her, but then there's a lot of fucky birds out there, so

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