using firefox and thunderbird as part of my resolution to only use software that has a fursona

Also, I kinda forgot I love having these actual email clients that, like, download your emails and stuff

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Everything's so fast! You don't have to, like, click on an email and wait for it to come back from the server.

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specifically: why did they replace everything that comes with windows with some bloaty UWP app that's really slow and doesn't work

the "photos" ""app"" on my laptop was broken for like a week and when it did work again, it'd take several seconds to load

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meanwhile, the windows photo viewer on this old-ass laptop? pchow! pew! opens immediately!

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@BestGirlGrace Very glad that my computers are both upgraded from Win7, so I still have Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player

@BestGirlGrace late to this party, but knowing the Windows team, they probably forgot how to build the old ones

there's a whole series of blog posts on shit like this, including the fun fact that cmd.exe is now older than most of the people working on it

@VyrCossont I've read enough Raymond Chen stories to believe this, honestly.

Plus, it's a chance to show off the Hot New UWP Technology that nobody's using.

@BestGirlGrace they honestly would have made fewer developers sad by sticking with XNA, the pre-UWP cross-platform story

but instead we're probably gonna get UWP2 for Windows 11: all apps must be written as VS Code plugins

@BestGirlGrace oh who am i kidding

there won't be a Windows 11, it'll be called Windows 10 Anniversary of the Anniversary Update

@VyrCossont Oh, of course not. It'll be Windows 10 Forever.

Now, everything as a Microsoft Teams app..

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