virus girl Grace doesn't feel like manifesting physically today, she'll just be a binary lump or ride shotgun in your head.


Showing up as a sleepy, horny angel and devil on your shoulder to give you advice

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crawling out of the computer in the morning, all low-polygon, missing some vertices, the faces all lazily shaded, her hair physics not quite correct

flickering between human, skunk, and kemonomimi until she's awake enough to pick one

The kiss feels real, though, because she cares about your comfort.

Asking you nicely to open doors for her because her collision handler is all [frustrated pc speaker beeps] right now

*animal crossing talking noises while the words show up below* do we have any more nine volt batteries? I'm hungry

@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace ragdolling down the stairs because it's easier than loading that walk cycle

@LexYeen @BestGirlGrace Loading up the pre-rendered kitchen so it loads slightly faster and you get the command menu instead of having to move things around for coffee

@fluxom_alt @LexYeen "Please, let me just do the menu today, I don't want to load the physics engine."

@BestGirlGrace as she moves maximum volume impact and footstep sounds blare from her

@BestGirlGrace just hammering randomize button on the appearance customization screen to get something not utterly terrifying because all the sliders are Too Much

@BestGirlGrace Definitely hearing this compressed like the the 1-bit Pikachu voice

@rockario Beeping a few times to answer a question before putting her speech systems online.

@BestGirlGrace It just hit me that this wouldn't be some fancy beep, it would literally come out of a motherboard speaker somewhere in the room

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