the "eww furries" guy from the chatroom:
- turned out to be like 15
- said something like "I heard all furries look at naked animal pictures on twitter, is that true"
- asked if I was one of those "chaste furries"

I was using a cropped version of that porn parody of a dr. seuss political cartoon I commissioned as my avatar, and I told him that "if you could see the rest of my avi, you'd know the answer to that"

I can take the 2008 furry bashing, but at least get the species right when the cute round ears and muzzle stripe are *right there*

I don't think this guy would have appreciated me explaining my fetishes, or how most of them involve the people wearing clothes

THIS GUY: I heard all furries look at naked animal pictures on twitter
ME: Ha, naked
ME: Pffft, twitter

@fluxom_alt I was in a chatroom a while ago and I mentioned being a furry and this guy was like "ewwwww furrrries"

@fluxom_alt oh, absolutely. and then, if there's time, there's some elections he should do stuff about

@BestGirlGrace did you tell him what site you actually view furry porn on

@ben no, something tells me he wouldn't have appreciated that information

@BestGirlGrace I mean maybe he wants to sign up on .social

@ben "friend, let me tell you about a little website called"

@BestGirlGrace wait, isn't that what skunks are? just weird smelly dogs?

@LexYeen I'll have you know we're more like stink badgers, but I'd whap you for saying that, too.

@BestGirlGrace hey, as long as it's not the chemical warfare. :blobyeengrin: 💙

@BestGirlGrace as you can see, I clearly DO NOT have a horn thank you very much

@kaniini If I am, someone should tell all this smut I've written and pornography I've looked at and commissioned

@hierarchon doing that anime kukuku laugh before revealing my true levels of horny to this unsuspecting jerk

@BestGirlGrace "All the real fun is had naked!"

"Oh, uh..." I silently inch back towards the closet, super suit in hand. "Y-yeah. Sure."

@fluxom_alt *thinking about how hot it would be to make someone wear a giant, ridiculous princess dress* You know me, love that nudity

@BestGirlGrace "Gotta do that stuff naked. That's just how it's done." I say in a very unconvincing fashion and I think about that one gothification fic Iris wrote

@fluxom_alt *trying to think of one story I've written where the characters stay naked for any real length of time* I just love not wearing clothes. It's just the thing to do when you're horny.

@BestGirlGrace "God, nudity, that's just like. The best. The horniest possible outfit. Nothing better." I reach under my desk and push the panic button, alerting a troupe of armed guards to come to my aid and supply me with emergency thigh-highs and comfy sweaters in this time of extremely taxing woes.

@BestGirlGrace Are the guards wearing the sweaters and thigh highs or giving me sweaters and thigh highs? The answer is both. And by armed I mean they're extremely buff women who are going to hold me with their incredible arms. I'm gay.

@fluxom_alt "You know me, I'm just not comfortable without my birthday suit." I nod, inviting another dozen murdermaids into the giant cuddlepile on my bed, silk getting nice and warm against silk.

@BestGirlGrace In case of insufficient uniform fetish, please call a couple dozen murdermaids to come to your aid.

@fluxom_alt There's a big box on the wall that says "Break glass in case of uniform fetish emergency", and it has a peaked cap and a bell for summoning murdermaids.

@fluxom_alt The bell is unnecessary because they'll come to clean up the broken glass anyways, but it helps the look.

@BestGirlGrace it's SO GOOD

I wish I could find the robot BE one tbh, I wanna reread that too

@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace ...would it be crass to ask that if you do find either of them, to toss me a link? Because I would like that.

@starless @BestGirlGrace I'm a super sleepy bb but I'll do search or two tomorrow and see if I can find ittttttt

I mean, I'm not into furry stuff, but I would never shame other people's kinks. All kinks are "weird" by themselves, it's just mature to respect each other and not to shame anyone if you want to be a good person. Also tastes evolve with time and experience, so you can never know when you're going to look at a new thing and say "Mmm, that looks interesting...".

@alma_de_cantaro That's why this guy was kind of a surprise- most folks, especially around here, are either furries themselves or know better than to judge

Not that furry has to be a kink thing- folks who don't go in for the sexual side of the fandom do exist and they're just as valid as anyone else.

I would definetely watch a documentary about the furry fandom and its evolution through time. It's a highly missunderstud and berated community. I actually had a very bad, biased opinion myself because I judged it based on preconceptions. Luckily, I'm a more mature and openminded person now.

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