BOBBY: Dad! Dad! I finally picked out a fursona! It's-
HANK: Is it a real animal?
BOBBY: gh-
HANK: Come on, Bobby, we talked about this. Everyone thinks Dale's a jackass with his closed species.


HANK: If you make your fursona a pokemon, where are you gonna be in a few years when the next big fad comes around?
BOBBY: Then I'll just get a new one.
HANK: Bobby, a fursona isn't just something you throw away when something new comes along. It's a piece of yourself. Why, I've had Lyndon here for thirty years.
BOBBY: Here comes the ref sheet.
HANK: (takes a folded up piece of paper out of his wallet. his fursona is a jacked as hell bloodhound)

Peggy would have to be an owl, right? that's the most stereotypically "smart" animal

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mike judge get on cameo so I can pay you to talk about my fursona in your hank hill voice

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"I don't like that Grace girl walkin' around here with her fursona. Skunks are pests, you shouldn't be dressin' up like one where kids can see. What if Bobby saw?"

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"What if he gets the wrong idea and hugs a real skunk? She's not the one giving him the tomato juice bath."

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HANK, distraught: Oh, God, I was born in New York! My fursona is a fraud! I'll have to get a pigeon, Peggy! A rat with wings, that's what I am!
PEGGY: I don't know, it'd be kinda romantic if we were both birds. Me, the uptown owl and you, the downtown pigeon. We could soar through the sky and-
HANK: (withering glare)
PEGGY: Alright, alright, jeez

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HANK, squeezing his wife around the waist: I don't call 'er Peg for nothing

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Khan: Big, fearsome tiger
Connie: Khan wants her to be a songbird, she wants to be a dragon
Minh: I want to say also dragon

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peggy: this is a very important time in bobby's life and i don't think we should stifle him.

hank: peggy, the boy's a sparkledog! next thing you know he's gonna be getting candygore commissions from the sickly lookin fella who works at the get in get out across from sugarfoot's. is that what you want?

peggy, looking away: no i do not,

@fluxom_alt @minty_da dee, I can't even riff on this, this is perfect

the episode where peggy and luanne find out that charcoal is better, but for having a sergal

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt hehehe ty :blobuwu:

and luanne is definitely a sergal but she's pretty sure they're a real mammal from indolasia

@minty_da @fluxom_alt "Sergals *are* real! I saw a documentary on them! The boy sergal and the girl sergal were in love!!"

@minty_da @fluxom_alt We the viewers eventually realize that she, at best, thinks you can't draw something that didn't really happen

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt hank had to hear a lot of "nuh-uh, look!"s before he learned to give up on the issue

@minty_da @fluxom_alt
PEGGY: Leave her alone, Hank! You lost on whether you can get blown up like a balloon with a bicycle pump, you're not gonna win on this.

@BestGirlGrace @minty_da Hank catches Bobby commissioning inflation so he tries to teach him a lesson “Puff, Boy”

@Breakfast @minty_da Hank gets his air compressor out of the garage and chases him around with it until he's learned his lesson

@minty_da @BestGirlGrace he keeps doing it wrong and hank reveals an interesting amount if knowledge on the subject

@Breakfast @minty_da Hank is kinkier than he lets on, he just doesn't like talking about it in public or around kids

@BestGirlGrace @Breakfast @minty_da

Bobby finds all the commissions his dad has had since the 1980s in a locked box and assumes he's a rich miser.

He gets a hold of Hank's PayPal and buys himself a full suit and some expensive comms.

Hank reveals he drew most of the art and the actual family commission budget is all from him drawing on the side.

They cancel the comms Bobby ordered but let him keep a partial suit that already came in the mail.

@Synestria @Breakfast @minty_da
PEGGY: Oh, I haven't seen this in years. Your dad drew this for me right before he proposed in his ears and tail.
BOBBY: Dad, you had a partial?
HANK: Heh heh, it wasn't much to look at, but it's all we had back then.

@BestGirlGrace This is the best thread I have ever seen in my entire fucking life

@minty_da @BestGirlGrace Wish I could do a decent enough Hank Hill impression to do this dialogue

@BestGirlGrace Makes sense.

I say Bill has the most OCs. He's probably Hank's best customer.

@LexYeen Bill absolutely has a new sona every six months or so.

"Hank! Hank! I got a new sona!"

"Dammit, Bill, what happened to the last one?"

"Oh, I just wasn't feeling Plarina. But the new guy, he's an eagle, and..."

"Usual fee first, talk after."

@BestGirlGrace Ah, this is the wholesome family fun part of the furry fandom.

@Aleums @BestGirlGrace Agreed. Though I will say one thing:

Hank doesn't know that the Pokemon franchise is older than Bobby, does he? XD

@BestGirlGrace he definitely says it the same way hes says Crematoriums when they take luanne back to the trailer park

@BestGirlGrace this is a very specific intonation i have memorized because of a ytp

@daylight this thread is evergreen, tbh. it's beautiful seeing new people enjoy and respond to it every time.

@BestGirlGrace @daylight I too am back in this th read because someone favved my response to it and I am ALIVE AGAIN and god it's an amazing thread.

@BestGirlGrace I’m not sure what emotion this post is making me feel but whatever it is, im okay with it

I must be old I have absolutely no idea what this is.

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