watching c++con talks on youtube and:
- I'm glad that there are people who think about, like, "what's the absolute lowest latency you can squeeze out of this code", but it's a shame they're all high frequency trading employees
- c++ programmers have the weirdest possible bugs
- glad I don't have to do it for a living

"Ah, see, if you do this, you activate the Fool's Constructor, which is twice as slow and might not actually work. So don't do this."

And it's never, like, "compiler error", it's more like "this pointer won't work" or "????"

also, nobody has good questions. it's all "look at how smart I am" type guys

also, every presenter works for google, facebook, or some high frequency trading company. if you're lucky, you'll get someone who works for the standards body. I have one by Bjarne queued up


also, all white dudes, save for one woman who got a bunch of pointlessly nitpicky questions

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