watching c++con talks on youtube and:
- I'm glad that there are people who think about, like, "what's the absolute lowest latency you can squeeze out of this code", but it's a shame they're all high frequency trading employees
- c++ programmers have the weirdest possible bugs
- glad I don't have to do it for a living


"Ah, see, if you do this, you activate the Fool's Constructor, which is twice as slow and might not actually work. So don't do this."

And it's never, like, "compiler error", it's more like "this pointer won't work" or "????"

also, nobody has good questions. it's all "look at how smart I am" type guys

also, every presenter works for google, facebook, or some high frequency trading company. if you're lucky, you'll get someone who works for the standards body. I have one by Bjarne queued up

also, all white dudes, save for one woman who got a bunch of pointlessly nitpicky questions

@Angle There was a talk that brought up "If you pass this in THIS way instead of THIS way, you'll get the constructor that makes a copy of the argument" or whatever, yeah


QuestionGuy: Uh hi I'm an expert in the field and do you think that <thing I literally wrote a paper on> is true?

Speaker: no, because in our case we need to flopnax the ropja-

QuestionGuy: ok well because in my experience...

@artemis they're always so long, and the answer is never interesting, and I swear it's the same three people every time

@BestGirlGrace @artemis we’ve always thought conference q&a sessions could be improved by a mad scientist style trapdoor at the mic

i mean sure it only drops people into a ball pit but it stops them wasting everyone’s time and that’s what’s important

@alexis @BestGirlGrace @artemis give the audience voting devices, like on talent contest shows. If over 40% of the audience wills it, boom, trapdoor

@robotcarsley @alexis @artemis there's a big thermometer on the stage that fills up the more people get mad at the question asker. when it fills up, woosh

@BestGirlGrace @robotcarsley @artemis except if the speaker is RMS and the audience is FOSSbros. in that case the thermometer still works the same but trapdoors are under the chairs

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