the fantasy part of the final fantasy 14 is that all the clothes fit you

a friend posed the question "you can pick the powers from any video game character, you have them now. Then you get placed in a random fictional universe. what do you pick?", and I picked my xiv character both for the "not going to die if I wind up in Die Hard" and for the access to glamours and being girl

one of the target universes that got picked was some obscure British sitcom about living on a farm, so then I got to thinking about being at home in Seinfeld

JERRY: Datin' a catgirl, huh?
GEORGE: It's finally happened for me, Jerry. The stars aligned.
J: So how'd it happen?
G: I went to check out that big crystal they just dug up uptown, and she just popped out! She killed a few people, but then we really hit it off.
J: Does she, uh, *pantomimes licking his paw*
G: Not as much as you'd think. She does purr.

tired: what does your oc do in their free time?
wired: how would George Costanza break up with your oc

@BestGirlGrace for me, i'm gonna say it'd have to be the whole frinkel clone business freaked him out

@Frinkeldoodle "Can't there just be one of you? You're at home, you're at the office, you're at the store, pick one!"

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle i think he'd be 100% on board with all my various fursona shit (cold to the touch, 40 feet tall, etc) but couldn't get over how i pronounce the first syllable of pasta the same way i say the word "past"


@monorail @Frinkeldoodle
GEORGE: I'm gonna break up with Holly.
JERRY: What's wrong? She givin' you the cold shoulder?
G: Nah, the air conditioner is busted, so I love having her around, and I don't have to drive anywhere, it's just-
J: Not housebroken?
G: She says "pasta" wrong. She says it like "past-uh".
J: Oh, yeah, you can't keep living with that.

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