miles edgeworth doing that incredibly smug shrug before presenting the results of the gamer girl bathwater dna test

one of these days, I'm going to wind up commissioning a whole Grace Attorney courtroom scene, aren't I?

this is up there with "that picture of the dudes cheering on the couch, where only one of them is Grace in the first panel and they're all Grace in the second"

@BestGirlGrace idk, doesn't everyone feel the need to yell "grace!!!" occasionally?

@BestGirlGrace whoops I meant to reply to my last comment with this but oh well I'm keeping it here now

@BestGirlGrace I'm getting an emotional support maid on the grounds that I'm incapable of doing anything straight without one around to guide me

Jokes on them, I'll only get MORE gay

@fluxom_alt I was gonna say, like you'd do anything better with a maid puttering around behind you, humming to herself, cleaning things, and generally having a gay old time

@comradetaylorswift This is every show about me, after all.

Well, except something like Modern Grace, which features more than one

@BestGirlGrace If I could stop time and get all my work done at once I would do so JUST to draw this

@fluxom_alt The second part was your idea way back when- one of these days, I'll have to surprise you with money to do it

@BestGirlGrace just twin some people into someone who wants to be twinned into you, ezpz

@fluxom_alt "I look the same. I thought you were going to twin me."

"I just twinned the part of your brain that controls how you feel about getting twinned by me and about going in on smut commissions together."

@fluxom_alt "Hang on, let me twin the part of your brain that understands convoluted kink scenarios"

@BestGirlGrace twinning people to like lengthy and complicated kink situations just so you have someone to talk to for hours on end about the 'robot drone villain minions trying to defeat the latex bunny hero from outer space who hypnotizes people into liking her heroic antics who wants to date the evil volcano wizard lady' fix you're working on

@fluxom_alt Exactly! I just want to get into the third table turning reversal before their eyes start glazing over. If they'd paid attention, they'd know that happens after i appear on the big screen and twin the presenter with my hypnospray

@BestGirlGrace There is a quiz afterwards and if they fail they're gonna get twinned but if they pass then they get a kiss before being twinned.

"Is this quiz also a kink thing?"

Wow they're learning so quickly!

@fluxom_alt "Oh, good! I can skip that part of your head! Now we can move on to the...?"

"Pick me! Pick me! Fursona lore!"

@BestGirlGrace Well, the original has like four people in the last shot and a fifth stranger in the abckground in the first shot so like, three people who are into twinning, you, and one random pal to do a silly pose in the first shot background. Off the top of my head that's like, Dee, Me, Balina, and then idk draw an Ash t-posing in the back too

@fluxom_alt Oh, hell yeah. Someone's been doing the good thinking.

Now I gotta think if there's enough different flavors of Grace for there to be four different ones

- human
- skunkgirl
- modemoiselle?
- skunk ears and tail?

@BestGirlGrace I hate this on a pure visceral level, thank you so much for this, grace. very cool.

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