Next time the boss is late to our morning meeting, I'm gonna sit in his chair, twirl around when he gets here, and say "I've been expecting you"


the villain one, I imagine a field of black, split with a brilliant lightning bolt, its many shades representing the villains who made it possible.

heroes, probably a big ol star and bright colors and whatnot

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The original villain flag featured a single white or blue bolt down the middle of the black flag with a silhouetted figure throwing its head back in mad laughter. While the "Frank flag" has its fans, the modern flag is more popular today, especially with the mad scientist of old splitting into countless mad subfields.

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@Balina @distressedegg @BestGirlGrace my only complaint is that idk how to make a cute friendship bracelet with that pattern right now

@fluxom_alt @Balina @BestGirlGrace yeah it needs some streamlining. lemme hit it again after i'm done with work

@distressedegg @fluxom_alt @Balina Oh, hell yeah

the lightning bolt is a classic symbol of villainy, to the point where bystanders willing to be kidnapped, brainwashed, or otherwise made the target of horny crimes will wear them on their clothes or put a handkerchief in their pocket

@BestGirlGrace ooookay i think i got it. purple stands for queer history, orange stands for community, green stands for knowledge, pink stands for passion, and black stands for EVIL, PURE BLACKHEARTED MANIACAL EVIL

also i REALLY love the lightning bolt hanky code idea, btw

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace ohhHHHHH I love this!!! the bolts converging into a smaller point at the lower end looks really good imo aaaaa

@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace YEAH i kiiiiind of want to do a hi-res version of this so that i can actually get it done up as a patch or something

@distressedegg Iris, this is so good! I wanna put it on the back of jackets and stuff!

@distressedegg I'm already biting back, "please for the love of everything make this a thing" in case this is something I'm going to cool down on in a few hours.
(I won't. This is amazing.)

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