I hate that I can't fully enjoy this game, and it's partially my fault and partially that ARR is just incredibly story dense

@BestGirlGrace whenever i recommend ffxiv to people i always feel like hhh cause arr's story like sux and i dont want ppl to think its representative of the entire experience but when its your FIRSt experience to the game how can you not assume itll always be a slog and fetch quests u know.

@hornyboner Yeah! My friends were like "I know it's a lot of talking, yes, there's a payoff, yes, the other expansions are way better, I promise, look at the cool outfit you get for finishing ARR"

And they were right, but hoo boy, I'm missing a lot because so much of ARR didn't stick in my brain

@BestGirlGrace i know. my first time through i was so like THIS IS BORING!! ERHGRHGH i skipped so many cutscenes and i was like ha ha wut? until i replayed it and watched them all but even then its So Much


@hornyboner I felt bad because, like, I physically could not pay attention to this, and even going back and watching all of them sounds like it would be awful. The supercutscene at the end of ARR helps, but not quite enough.

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