I stopped watching storage wars right around the time when they started introducing, like, new kinds of guy. Weird twins, tall guy, dude who likes his wife, just every kind you can think of

*guy has a kid who doesn't look exactly like him* way to jump the shark

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ah, the four genders: henry winkler, yuuuuup, dude who's constantly mad at his wife, and other

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it feels like I'm picking on the straight couple here, and it's only because I mix them up with that other dude. If they wanted a regular amount of ribbing, they should have been more distinct.

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@toilet he left because he wanted more money, told the everyone that they were planting interesting things in the lockers for the guys to find, and then got hired back

@toilet there was like a whole season with very obvious Replacement Daves because he was suing the show, it was a whole thing

@BestGirlGrace So now where do you get information when the new model year guys are released?

@Austin_Dern Some people keep an eye on the trade rags and gossip columns, but there's no substitute for just seeing what kinds of guy are in the wild

@BestGirlGrace I respect this.

I like the fan sites, like, the ones run on some Geocities clone that's somehow still running. Have to turn pop ups way off but the enthusiasm counts.

@Austin_Dern Yeah, a lot of people forget that it's supposed to be about the guys, so this is refreshing.

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