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Once upon a time, there was this church. The old bell ringer retired, and so the pastor hung a sign in the window.

One day, a man with no arms and no legs hops up to the church and asks for the pastor. "I'm here for the bell ringer job." He explains. The pastor is skeptical, but they go up to the top of the bell tower.

The man hops back against the wall and hop hop hops at full speed towards the bell. His smashes is face into it, and the whole town can hear the bell ring. It's gorgeous. Nobody knew bells could sound this good.

The pastor is shocked. "That's incredible." He says. "But that looked like it hurt- can you really do that every week?"

The man nods. "Oh, sure thing. Watch." He backs up again and charges towards the bell. He misses and goes flying out the window. The man tumbles to the sidewalk below, killing him instantly.

The pastor rushes outside. There's a cop there looking at the body. "You know this guy?" He asks.

"No, but his face rings a bell."


My dad told me this joke when I was a wee Graceling, and now it belongs to all of you. Take care of it, and be good stewards.

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