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my old boss was an old and didn't really get this modern computing business. no exceptions, gotta declare all variables at the top of the function, only one return per function, I hated it and it's still messed me up a little

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love to get called into the boss's office because I did an early return instead of wrapping the whole rest of the function in an if

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also, every class has to have an interface. that way, we can keep them all in this homegrown dependency injection framework that sucks

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@jojo Right? I'd do the right thing, and he'd get mad and I wouldn't try to correct him because it was my first job

when I left, he told me to speak up for myself more???

@BestGirlGrace yes that’s actually bullshit and it’s not just you

programming language designers spent a lot of effort making early returns a safe thing to do

@riking Yeah, that's some ancient Fortran nonsense. Same with the "all variables declared at the top of the function".

@BestGirlGrace okay THAT one is literally stockholm syndrome

they got used to shitty compilers that couldn’t do their own damn variable layout and are now forcing those bad habits onto you

@BestGirlGrace @riking okay i admittedly still think of c99 as "ya know, new-ish" but Good God That Was 20 Years Ago

i'mma go feel old and also cry

@BestGirlGrace @gdkar now C11 is the new hotness that not every compiler supports

@riking @BestGirlGrace yeah! i got used to being like "iiiii use -std=gnu11 and i run Arch xD" and getting immediately ejected from the venue and now even That's like..... 8.

@riking @BestGirlGrace also love people who insist you can’t do // comments in C, like let’s reject everything that came into C via C++ for some reason

@riking @BestGirlGrace oh and then the whole #pragma once vs. #ifndef thing, which I don't actually care about that much but I ended up writing this anyway:

@BestGirlGrace galaxy brain: use a kernel-style goto to jump to your one return at the end

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