I'm not really into MTG any more. I like talking about it, but head-to-head card games like that just aren't fun for me. probably because I'm bad at them.

I really just wanna play my ridiculous wall deck a few more times, is that so much to ask

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making a planeswalker sona just so I have someone to imagine flinging exploding walls at her enemies

+ make a wall
- 'glyph of destruction but it can attack now' a wall
- 'fling but it cares about toughness' a wall

actually wait lets swipe WAR designs and scale this up

Passive that makes walls as a reaction to casting noncreature spells
+That gives walls +/+0 and lets them attack that turn
- a lot to blow up all the walls a deal damage equal to their total toughness to everything thats ever existed

@fluxom_alt Ooh, I like these. I wish there was a way to capture the element of surprise you get with the classic combo, maybe with transform.

Grace, Wall Witch
+ make a wall
- Damage to target equal to number of dudes with defender
If you have more than so many walls, transform

Grace, Izzet Explosioneer

+ Fling a wall, gain loyalty for each damage
- Glyph a wall, except it dies after blocking
big - blow up everything

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