keybase has all these no-name brand dipshit instances, but they don't have the only instance that matters:

they also won't return my messages about adding, so what the hell

@anna yeah, I'm looking forward to verifying people at

@BestGirlGrace they added knzk thats one down only like 20 to go for all my alts

@BestGirlGrace wheres my most active alts, and

@BestGirlGrace he finally learns how to merge from upstream so he can charge extra for COSOPRO PLATINUM which lets u do identity proofs and if u stop paying ur proof gets deleted and also the cia visits your house

@anna @BestGirlGrace This shit is still peak LMAO, the hashtag-resistance getting hustled by the most normie-ass Guy Fawkes mask motherfucker.

@anna @BestGirlGrace It's like if Eric Garland went to some CS classes instead of studying marketing and they just go for it.

@anna @BestGirlGrace At least the Hackerman who turned out to be a fed doesn't walk up and down the aisle with a credit card reader like an Est rep.

@Zero_Democracy @BestGirlGrace my favorite fucking thing about jester hackerman is hes an incompetent dipshit that learned how to do firewalls and copy and paste php from stack overflow and he thinks he's hot shit

but he knows what he's doing it was part of the master plan all along to put authentication in front of public requests and completely on purpouse to break federation

@anna @BestGirlGrace Seriously, he's like every other script kiddie got caught in a teleporter accident with Nathan Barley.

@Zero_Democracy @BestGirlGrace brb writing a shitty implementation of LOIC entirely out of high level c networking functions

@anna @BestGirlGrace @Zero_Democracy I feel weird when I see the word T in red

it should either be blue or be replaced with the letter E


clone transformation, unwilling, shitpost 

clone transformation, unwilling, shitpost 

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