in the future, this sign will be old-fashioned. I don't know if it'll be like "now available on VHS and DVD" or like "available on PlayStation and Ouya"

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@BestGirlGrace I got nothing wrong with people smoking or vaping as long as they do it in the designated areas. For those of us who don't smoke or vape it can be awkward getting stuck downwind of someone smoking or vaping at a bus station or something
@tuxdude @BestGirlGrace it's worth noting that there are often accessibility issues with smoking areas, as someone who used to do both, although not at the same time :p
@pea @BestGirlGrace Fair point. I guess it's about making them more accessible as well so both parties are happy
@tuxdude @BestGirlGrace I can understand cigs for sure, but I definitely don't think vaping necessarily needs to be quite so quarantined. More often than not, it's reasonable to just go off to a reasonably secluded area, incl the side of a building, even if it's not a designated area
@pea @BestGirlGrace I mean, really for me I'm not as bothered by vaping as long as you aren't blowing a big fucking cloud of vape smoke in the face of whoever is walking behind you (something which a lot of people tend to do here which is kinda awkward)
@tuxdude @BestGirlGrace that said, smokers are definitely a plague in several ways, i learned to field strip my butts after i finished smoking from a girl who was ex-military, but so many people just toss them fucking everywhere
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