using my ham radio license to pollute the people's airwaves with my posts

"if gels are gelatinous, are skeletons skelatinous", I repeat until the other hams call the FCC on me. They're right to do it

@BestGirlGrace The next step in the fediverse, every instance has their own radio station that broadcasts their local timeline. Along with station idents every 15 minutes.

@rockario the spies gather round the radio to pick up the latest intel. "save a horse, kiss a skong", it says. "did you hear about the horny skeleton with a boner"

@BestGirlGrace As humanity reached into the stars, we knew we needed to send beacons out to act as navigational aides. A project of this scale required a global effort, and in the age of increased privatisation people contributed in return for individual rewards.

This is why most 30th century navigators have to memorise locations based on phrases like "Eat at Arby's" and "fuk u, im gay"

@rockario A crew is lost deep in space. The navigator bolts upright. "Captain! A beacon!" She taps a heading into the computer. "50 degrees port!" We hear the headphones playing Never Gonna Give You Up louder and louder as they reach civilization

@BestGirlGrace I'm legitimately looking into getting an amateur license and you'd be a fool if you think I'm *not* going to beam out my shitposts into the air

@jess You should get one so we can be Ham Friends. Think of the possibilities.

- talk to space man
- beep boop
- calling it "rad-io"

@BestGirlGrace turning raunchy images into beeps and boops and shooting them at the moon to get them across the planet

@BestGirlGrace (for real though moon bounces are extremely conceptually rad, and the fact they're also actually *useful* is a nice bonus)

@jess Any piece of radio equipment you can buy that says "moon" on it is a good one.

@jess sending weirder and weirder kink art over the airwaves to see if anyone realizes it's horny and will call the FCC

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