legitimately did not believe it could be done, but it appears that someone wrote a clear, substantive, accurate article about VPNs without fear-mongering or shitting on non-network-engineers schub.io/blog/2019/04/08/very-


@alana This is good. Every time a video says "Your computer is broadcasting your IP address!!" I want to pull my hair out. A friend of mine got suckered into buying a three year NordVPN subscription by one of those.

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@BestGirlGrace @alana

"your computer is broadcasting your IP address!!!"

"fuck yeah, it's doing what I told it to do, then"

@ben @BestGirlGrace “your computer and a remote server are communicating as intended for you to view a website!! LOCK THE DOORS!!”

@alana @BestGirlGrace

you can get a bunch of different addresses via

dig +short TXT _dnsaddr.ipfs.lubar.me

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