The new simpsons episode has Bart literally saying "They ruined my childhood" over an all-female Itchy and Scratchy reboot


so far,
- Bart and the other boys are super mad about it
- Like, they all come over to Bart's house and make a big show of turning off the TV and blindfolding themselves when it comes on
- Bart sees the episode anyways and finds it really funny

Honestly, it's weird and refreshing how the Simpsons has had two good take episodes in a row

LISA, after everyone sees her video of Bart enjoying the show: "How does it feel to be trolled, memed, giffed, and, dare I say, pwned"

They're doing everything except outright saying that Milhouse is an incel

I regret to inform you that the cool feminist prank girls, Bossy Riot, are gender essentialists

Lisa found out that Bart is in Feminist Prank Gang and is mad at him because he doesn't understand the female experience, etc. etc.

Homer quietly buttering his pizza while arguing about Boba Fett with Bart is one of the best Simpsons gags in a while

the incels successfully bully Krusty into withdrawing the girl itchy and scratchy cartoons

The episode ends with this, and Bart crushing all the other boy's spirits by saying "the girls don't envy us"

so the incels get what they want and they really only get punished in the sense that a the fumes from a big vat of nail polish makes them cry on TV, which is a weird moral

Also, earlier in the episode, from when we first learn about the girl Itchy and Scratchy:

MARGE: I thought they were a married couple. That's why they fought so much.
LISA: They're different species!
MARGE: I don't know what I'm supposed to be liberal about any more.

I'm pretty sure the Itchy and Scratchy universe has cat/mouse couples, so it's a weird thing for Lisa to get mad about either way

@Zero_Democracy I appreciate it, but this is what happens when you make a poorly-considered genie wish

@BestGirlGrace man this is like one forced meme in frame away from being literally the most "modern Simpsons" screencap I think you could ever take

@00dani in the season finale, Bart uses weed killer to spell "toxic masculinity sucks" on the school lawn

@BestGirlGrace hmm... this is gonna be a bit harder to make an exploitable, but let's see what i can do

@Frinkeldoodle Bart Simpson, welcome back to... the counterculture

anyways, looking forward to the furry episode next season

@BestGirlGrace it rly do

can't believe bart simpson is trans girl

@00dani I was already feeling rumbles of The Inevitable Trans Episode, but hoo boy

@BestGirlGrace @00dani They'd never make Bart trans, it would mean changing the status quo.

@Estrusflask @00dani Exactly- there's no way they could do it without being super tone-deaf about it.

@Estrusflask @BestGirlGrace they could endlessly drop obvious hints that bart is trans while never actually acting upon those hints tho

y'know, like jean in bob's burgers

@BestGirlGrace there we go, i've given millhouse something worth actually being upset about

(alt text: the Simpsons screenshot Grace posted, except the text on the whiteboard has been replaced with "IT'S 2019, WHY CAN'T WE ALL BE RACCOONS IRL YET")

@Frinkeldoodle Milhouse is, unfortunately, the simpsons character most likely to be a furry.

@BestGirlGrace you now this does actually make a pretty decent reaction image to actual mra

@BestGirlGrace "actually progressive thing good. [FORCED SLANG AND DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO BE RELEVANT]" is basically every modern simpsons episode I don't get how you're surprised here

@LANthus They're trying to build up credibility again after how they handled the apu thing

@BestGirlGrace is this an actual episode or are you shitposting

please say shitposting

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