why the fuck would one of the people be okay with Solomon cutting the baby in half

also it's weird to me that someone would try to steal a baby, but they were probably worth more back then

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@requrious yeah, it seems like both of them should have been like "what the fuck, why are we asking this guy"

@BestGirlGrace At least one of them should have said "He wanted to cut a child in half for fuck's sake"

@BestGirlGrace i dont agree with cutting babies in half but i will defend your right to do it. thats democracy

@BestGirlGrace like even if it's not your kid, what are you going to do with half a baby

where are you going to put it, how are you going to even get it home, just seems like a huge hassle

@minty_da Right? You would think both real mom and fake mom would have been like "no, what the fuck, you can't cut a baby in half", but I guess back then, half a baby was worth something

@hierarchon @minty_da a truly wise king would split the baby across the waist to avoid this exact problem

@BestGirlGrace the best parent was the one that knew babies do not reproduce by mitosis

@BestGirlGrace ya ever hate someone so much you become complicit in near government-sanctioned infanticide?


@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace
Replace near with actual and you have literally the UK and US right now.

Solomon (Slime Solomon): We shall cut the baby in two, that way each mother may have a baby.
Slime Mom 1: yay!
Slime Mom 2: yay!
Slime Courtiers *astonished by wisdom*: Huzzah!


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