*extremely security question voice* people always have a favourite movie and it never changes. everyone has been to at least once concert. the answer to the question "what is your pet's name" will never change. people have one single nickname from high school and they'll never forget it

security question: what is your mother's maiden name?
macbeth: :blobcatderpy:

@lynnesbian fun fact, in this case, you may actually better off not setting security questions (or setting them to. Gibberish) because if you have your mygov account deleted and you have to recreate it, you'll need to answer up to date security questions to re-link your services (although this may involve calling a government department if you can't remember your tfn etc which is not really reccomended? Because calling up sucks!)

*setting up an account over a phone voice*
me: my email is lynne at lynnesbian dot space
representative: got it, bin at lynne is a disgrace dot com

@lynnesbian @smouldery [@BestGirlGrace voice] my email address is horsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorse at horsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorsehorse dot horse


@ben fun fact: my email provider offers three frontends, and the horse one is way too long for at least one of them, and the support people were like "buddy, you knew what you were getting into"

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