some people call me the space cowboy
some call me the gangster of love
some people call me

I made Brenda's profile picture the most patriotic picture I had on my phone at the time

I'm pretty sure Bobo is a bot, since all they do is posts links to news stories and boost every time someone @s them.

becoming an influencer on so I can get everyone to get a fursona

Normally, It'd be fine, but Brenda is kind of a middle-aged conservative religious mom type, so who knows

his whole page is like this. Every time he's within six degrees of someone with a Wikipedia page, he tells us about it

@BestGirlGrace Okay, Grace, I need to thank you majorly for giving me something to laugh about amidst the rough day I've had. This account you've made is incredible. xD

abortion mention 

abortion mention 

abortion mention 

@BestGirlGrace Grace if I start seeing these people tagging yiff in religious posts I swear

@BestGirlGrace so is this conservative mastodon connected to the wider fediverse

@will Yes, but they have a lot of instances blocked. They have both .social and here blocked, and probably a bunch of others

but they do federate with a few others they share an ideology with

@BestGirlGrace you ever been a middle aged conservative out for a young lady horny for democracy

@BestGirlGrace he hosted a fundraiser for Hillary? Is he involved with/encouraging the q crew or did they just descend on his instance for their own inscrutable reasons?

@robotcarsley according to his twitter and this page, he became a "walk away" guy in 2016

it took me a minute to realize this too, tbh

@BestGirlGrace @robotcarsley what's a walk away guy?

And why didn't he walk far enough away from all of us?

@bedtimedrillsgt @robotcarsley He used to be a Democrat, but he "walked away"and became some kind of qanon dipshit

@BestGirlGrace between that and the emphasis on his role as a pioneer of the Hispanic Internet, I wonder if Brenda could engineer a coup once she's spread the good word of #yiff further

@BestGirlGrace ok, just saw his bio above. So he's definitely either undergone a recent conversion or is grifting


you know, you're really outdoing yourself with this one. a real evolution of the game right here.

@jackdaw_ruiz It's an honor to be able to use my powers for good and to spread joy to all the good people on the fediverse.

@BestGirlGrace @jackdaw_ruiz What's wild is, you're giving every one of those attention starved doofs a hit of endorphins when you interact with them even if you're secretly dunking on them

@lousycanuck @jackdaw_ruiz Yeah, I'm trying to not interact with the really awful posts because it'll just encourage them.

@lousycanuck @BestGirlGrace

training them to enjoy getting dunked on and putting on a spectacular show at the same time.

part P.T. Barnum, part B.F. Skinner, all cop!

('s are bastards)

@jackdaw_ruiz @lousycanuck Dressed in a ridiculous ringleader outfit, I show that I can stick my head in a maga chud's mouth if I let him think there's a chance I'll fuck him and get a troop cosplayer to jump through a hoop if I tell him it'll fight socialism

@BestGirlGrace I followed the account in the pic based on name alone.

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