has anyone tried telling Bezos whatever they told Carnegie and Rockefeller to make them think they were gonna go to hell if they didn't give away a bunch of their money

unfortunately, years of Reddit atheism have created a class of billionaire who isn't scared by damnation

@BestGirlGrace Both of which are conveniently available on Amazon.


god there was some real brain busting discourse a few weeks back when Ross Douthat wrote about the virtues of having a ruling patrician class that's raised to believe in acts of public good. and then he called Obama and Romney WASPs.

to say nothing of the content of his editorials, that guy can singlehandedly fuck up all my news podcasts for a week by writing one bonkers thing and then coast on the surplus credulity extended to white male writers that say patently dumb shit.

@jackdaw_ruiz god, being a white male op-ed writing dipshit has to be such an easy gig

all you have to do is say one ridiculous thing a week and then reap the rewards of being the guy on twitter everyone's making fun of today


a sub friend of mine told me about the ways she would play dumb or say something demonstrably wrong, just to trick people into mercilessly dunking on her for saying something stupid. she got a kick out of the bullying by friends who were oblivious to the meta-game.

anyway, that David Brooks is really something. huh. huhhhh?

@jackdaw_ruiz I'm perfectly willing to believe that the people like IMC on Twitter who say dumb things derive some kind of erotic thrill from it.

@BestGirlGrace Brick him up in his bedroom like Elisabeth Bathory and feed him through a slot.
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