I was going to make a joke about "No interest until 2019!" like that's still an impossibly futuristic year


I remember being a kid and watching furniture ads saying, like, "No interest until 2006!" and imagining what the impossible future of two thousand and six would bring

@BestGirlGrace furniture stores have the weirdest business model where they constantly pretend to undercut themselves and I don't think any other industry does it

@BestGirlGrace @RainierBeringer Anything after 2000 still sounds futuristic to me. Whenever I go back to watch the animated Transformers movie, I rarely catch that the nearly-20-years-into-the-future date of 2005 is thrown out there, and that's ancient history now to most people.

It should be memorable to me, as the year I got my first smart phone, and was mobile web browsing, emailing, and IMing.

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