@BestGirlGrace i think i have the black version of that coat my BLM and it’s utterly fantastic

@BestGirlGrace also now you're making me wish I could combine that hat, the gas mask I'm wearing, and the goggles

I mean in theory I could do it in a mod by mashing the models together, but

@hierarchon Yeah, it's not the same.

I wish the monocle from the other hat was its own thing because it looks so good

@BestGirlGrace hmm *getting out my sextant, astrolabe and orrery to determine if the picture was taken after Labor Day based on the shadows*

@BestGirlGrace @burgin you joke but one of the classes in the game uses astrolabes combined with yugioh duel disks as a weapon

@burgin I don't think they have Labor Day in Eorzea, since they have some incredibly bizarre calendar that they ask you to pick your character's birthday on, and then never comes up again

@BestGirlGrace @burgin last years celebration was great because they had some jpop idol girls put on a concert in the desert city and you got emotes with glowsticks to cheer people on. when I did the quest a guy yelled "when is little MEN'S day" and five people immediately yelled "shut the fuck up" which is the two extremes of the playerbase at once lol

@wintgenstein @BestGirlGrace @burgin also there's someone that multiboxes like five accounts at once and uses the in-game perform action to do concerts while using the idol outfit

@BestGirlGrace @burgin @hierarchon I was playing with someone from Latin America in discord and she was looking at something in a different window on voice call and a guy ran up and played o Christmas tree and ran off and she thought it was we fly the red flag here because her country doesn't have our lame English Christmas carols lol

@burgin @BestGirlGrace next time I run the early mines dungeon ill take a selfie in there

@burgin @wintgenstein Grace is from Limsa since level 1, so you better not be abusing anyone in one of her hometown elevators

especially since they just kinda teleport you and you never see the inside

@burgin @BestGirlGrace I started out as thaumauturge in ul'dah before switching to white mage asap. I'm glad I did this because i love the thanalan aesthetic more than the woods one

@burgin They ask to to pick a god or something you're aligned with? But it affects your stats in a way that literally does not matter

@burgin @BestGirlGrace in 1.0 and the beta elemental resistance was actually important and that's a holdover from then

@BestGirlGrace @burgin they mark the passage of time in the game through umbral and astral eras which are vaguely over whether it's positive (ruled by the sun) or negative (ruled by the darkness) and so every month also has an umbral and astral version

@BestGirlGrace I don't think there are hats anywhere near that big in GW2 but Grace is probably at least 16 feet tall


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