Here's my master plan:
- Eugen spends some part of his day looking at the federated timeline on .social
- My posts are on that federated timeline
- I post stuff like "Follow Princess Grace! She's the best!" at times when I suspect he's active
- Eventually, the message will become subliminally embedded in his brain meats
- Get followed
- Get unfollowed as soon as I post something horny

@BestGirlGrace Do you think calling him Masto Daddy will make him more or less likely to follow?

@violet Only one way to find out. You call him that, and I don't call him that, and we see who gets followed first.

I'm just gonna keep telling him to follow me in follow friday posts on other days of the week till he does, but your plan sounds foolproof too though 🙂

@Lumb Ah, direct action. A playful rival to the long con. And, as we know, anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Really disappointed this search didn't reveal a whole bunch of cool evil plans. Mastodon sucks actually I guess.

@Lumb Maybe all the big master plan havers are describing them to tied-up secret agents. Us small-timers have to start somewhere.

Yeah, I'm hoping he's not looking right now. Or that he only looks at the part with the message.

@BestGirlGrace one time he boosted some dumb thing I posted and I was dismissive of reply-folks until I had to turn all my notifications off. He’s never boosted anything since then so I assumed he learned his lesson.

@Thomas Yeah, he boosted my most popular toot ever and it just got me some reply folks who didn't seem to know what as going on.

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