It's wild how moving to a different site means people talk to each other. I was on birdsite forever, friends with everyone on a Facebook clone pony roleplay website, and Tumblr once upon a time, and I was lucky if I got one good conversation there in a month. I forgot online could be good.


Like, you can just post stuff here and people talk to you! I've made friends here! That never happens!

It took me forever to make, like, a few friends on birdsite, and even then, we rarely talk.

Even if you're a super big account on Birdsite, all your replies are random guys trying to hitch their wagon to you. Nobody's having a real conversation or contributing anything new. It's so good here!

@BestGirlGrace yeah if you’re not a big account on birdland the only way to interact with people on that site is to be a reply guy.

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual Yeah, and even the big accounts don't really get... good attention? If you're a celebrity or a dril or something, you just get people poorly trying to riff on your jokes or who spend their time yelling at anyone who's mean to their dipshit president.

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