Under socialism, there is only one kind of car insurance, it is called Car Insurance, and it doesn't have a cutsey mascot.

Also, basically nobody has a car because of the public transit.

This is a more specific iteration of my view that if everyone in your industry does the exact same thing and there's no room for creativity (that is, you provide a commodity, like insurance, telecom access, power, water, etc.), you should be owned by some kind of government. Which isn't really that radical an idea

@BestGirlGrace what do you reckon is more likely. Cars give way to public transit or we figure a way of localising a lot of stuff? I think a out this a lot. Work from home, every suburb has parkland...

@BestGirlGrace Call me an introvert if you like but I'd really like a future where I have to travel less. Where class structures don't require me to be places so important people are satisfied I'm doing what they want. That if I leave the house, it can be for somewhere nearby to have face time with friends and nature.

@geordie Depending on how the tech shakes out, I think we might get
- fleets of roving autonomous cars that ferry both people and stuff
- trains, buses, streetcars, and subways
- more telecommuting
this one's probably most likely, especially as fewer jobs require that you physically be at a place and fewer people work and people tend to travel more for pleasure.

@BestGirlGrace streetcars would be a great idea. Sydney, Australia has this weird history of incredibly popular and totally extensive streetcar network that was ripped up 60 years ago because everyone was using it heaps. :\

@geordie Yeah, happened in a bunch of places here, too. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is actually about how GM convinced cities to tear up their streetcar networks in favor of buses.

@BestGirlGrace that's super interesting. Particularly that it's starting to be undone. Sydney is rebuilding a streetcar network now.

@BestGirlGrace people would jump on and off more or less effortlessly to get a suburb or two up or down the road, and the government panicked at having to keep extending it, so in the end they retired it.

@BestGirlGrace Do you think the family of that bloody meerkat was hunted down by a meerkat Lenin after the meerkat Tsar fell?

@BestGirlGrace Betting under Fascism, there's two insurance companies but the mascots are some variation of The General

@anthonydavis Under fascism, accidents are blamed on an unpopular ethnic group and they're forced to pay for it. Probably, yes, though some charismatic, powerful name like The Viceroy

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